Account Manager.


Job Summary:

We are seeking an Account Manager that is passionate about customer success and end-user adoption. At Locusview, we develop deep and long-term relationships with our clients to deploy technology that adds substantial business value continuously.

The Locusview Account Manager has overall responsibility for the client’s long-term success and retention. Client success includes ensuring our clients realize the full value of our technology and achieve business ROI goals. Retention includes staying closely connected to clients and their end-users to avoid customer loss and churn.

The Locusview, Account Manager will work closely with a team of project managers and sales executives to support implementation, deployment, sustainment, and expansion.



During the project initiation phase, the Account Manager works closely with the client to define the business case and KPIs for monitoring success.

During active projects, the Account Manager participates in project meetings necessary for staying updated on significant decisions and events that will be important for post-deployment support. This includes attending early requirements gathering meetings to fully understand the client’s motivation and attending training meetings to understand the deployed solution to understand how to serve the client after deployment best.



After the technology is deployed, the Account Manager’s responsibilities shift to continuous engagement to monitor client success and ensure the client realizes the value originally envisioned as part of the business case. The Account Manager updates clients on new features and maintains a working knowledge of the client’s technology roadmap, including competing solutions. The Account Manager leads up sales and expansion.  

Primary Responsibilities:

●     Overall responsibility for client’s long term success and client retention

●     Develop trusted advisor relationships with end-users, technology leaders, and executive sponsors

●     Work together with clients to define the business case and KPIs to assess the success

●     Develop a working knowledge of the client’s technology roadmap and a strong understanding of how Locusview technology fits within the roadmap

●     Negotiate and assist with challenging client requests or issue escalations as needed, including acting as a liaison between the internal project team and client to improve customer experience

●     Maintain a close relationship with key stakeholders and collaboratively monitor client success

●     Work with Sales Team to promote new business opportunities with existing clients

●     Maintain an understanding of current product features and future product roadmaps and communicate this with clients regularly

●     Monitor client satisfaction and maintain an awareness of potential cancelation and/or competitive threats


Required Traits and Skills:

●     Bias for action including the ability to make decisions under uncertainty and a willingness to do more than what is required

●     Strong sense of ownership for client success

●     Ability to work with clients to make informed decisions with explicit awareness of trade-offs

●     Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, especially conveying complex topics in an understandable manner

●     Strong decision making and problem-solving skills

●     Eagerness to proactively solve problems

●     Ability to communicate with stakeholders at various levels from end-users to executives

●     Ability to handle high-pressure projects and balance competing priorities

●     Passion and do-whatever-it-takes attitude for customer success

●     Proven interpersonal and situational leadership skills

●     Willingness to be a representative of the client and challenge internal project teams

Preferred Qualities: 

●     Minimum 3-5 years experience leading enterprise software projects, preferably at a company with a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

●     Experience with utility companies, the energy industry, or construction-related fields

●     Experience with natural gas and electric infrastructure

●     Experience in a client-facing role that predicated on customer success

●     Experience working with a SaaS company


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