Why LocusView.

Real time as builts


  • Digital data collection process eliminates data entry errors
  • Real-time visibility of construction work including project status
  • Real-time warnings of workmanship and material errors based on design parameters and company procedures


  • Construction data is traceable, verifiable and complete
  • Sensor-based data collection increases data integrity and eliminates manually sketching
  • High-accuracy GPS create high accuracy maps in GIS
Risk reduction
Accuracy increased data integrity


  • Eliminate paper construction packages and reduce project closing time by 70%
  • Identify errors and implement corrections in real-time
  • Direct integration with the system of record to eliminate manual data entry


  • User friendly interface designed specifically for construction workers enables rapid adoption
  • Allows construction workers to create high accuracy maps and records in the field
  • Standardizes data collection for company and contract crews
Standardization of data collection

User Friendly UX\UI

Quick & Easy On-Boarding 

Lean Model for Small Utilities

Easy Integration with Enterprise Systems 

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