Customer Advisory Board

Driving Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

Customer Collaboration

Leveraging Valuable Feedback and Strategic Discussions

Locusview’s customer advisory board (CAB) is a group of selected key customers who provide valuable feedback and insights about our products, services, and strategies. 

Our CAB meets regularly, virtually or face to face, and provides feedback on how well Locusview meets their needs. The CAB also discusses strategic topics like industry trends, technology trends, and joint opportunities. They also share their successes and challenges with other members.

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CAB Benefits

Elevating Influence, Innovation, and Networking

Our CAB members enjoy the following benefits:

Influence and Impact
Our CAB members have a direct opportunity to influence the direction and development of our products or services they care about. Their insights and feedback can shape the company's decisions, roadmap, and strategy. Being part of the advisory board allows our members to have a tangible impact on Locusview and its offerings.

Contributing to Product/Service Improvement
Customer advisory board members can contribute to improving products or services they use and rely on. Their feedback and suggestions can help shape the company's offerings to better meet their and other customers' needs. This collaborative process enhances the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Early Access and Beta Testing
Advisory board members get early access to new products, features, or services. This gives them the opportunity to be among the first to try out and provide feedback on upcoming releases. It allows CAB members to stay ahead of the curve and be involved in the development process from the early stages.

Networking and Learning
Joining a customer advisory board provides a unique networking opportunity. CAB members can connect and collaborate with other board members with similar interests and expertise. This networking can lead to valuable professional relationships and learning opportunities through knowledge sharing and industry discussions.

Access to Leadership
Customer advisory boards provide direct access to company executives and key decision-makers. This enables our CAB members to engage in meaningful discussions with senior leaders and have their voices heard by those who can effect change.

Ready to make a difference? Become a part of our Customer Advisory Board and shape the future of Locusview. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager today to join.