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Introducing LocusviewCONNECT for ArcGIS Pro, the ultimate time-saving solution for GIS Specialists. With our advanced technology, there is no need to manually enter geospatial data into the company's GIS. And that's not all, LocusviewCONNECT also saves precious time by eliminating the need to build a separate integration to import geospatial data from the Locusview app into the company’s database. 

The add-in enables GIS teams to:

  • Search and load the GIS features of individual work order
  • Utility Network users can validate imported data
  • Perform a standard ArcGIS Pro workflow to load GIS data into their production database
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What is LocusviewCONNECT?

LocusviewCONNECT for ArcGIS Pro is an add-in that allows GIS teams to import Locusview work orders into Utility Network’s ArcGIS Pro quickly and easily. 

Managing capital construction projects require a steady stream of data to efficiently manage the completion of work and meet timelines. With LocusviewCONNECT for ArcGIS Pro, we further streamline and accelerate the time required to bring Locusview data into ArcGIS Pro. LocusviewCONNECT saves GIS teams valuable time by allowing them to pull work order data into Utility Network’s ArcGIS Pro instead of manually entering work order data for final review.

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What Makes it the Perfect Add-in for GIS Teams?

GIS teams often need to quickly review work order data before sending it to their system of record in order to meet the ever-growing regulation requirements. They need to ensure that the material traceability and location data are accurately collected as a part of the close out process. LocusviewCONNECT makes their lives easier by having asset data readily available in ArcGIS Pro, allowing users to quickly review Locusview work order data without spending a lot of time building integrations or manually entering individual work orders and asset data.

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Faster, Safer, Smarter Solution

The Add-In simplifies the GIS review steps by allowing GIS teams to find work orders more easily. As soon as the work order is ready for review in Locusview, the work order data can then be loaded into ArcGIS Pro Utility Network using LocusviewCONNECT for review and validation.

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