Utility Inspections

Streamline Inspections and Increase Job Site Safety Programs

Inspection Forms

Enhance Inspections and Unlock Time-Saving Benefits

Our digital inspection forms offer significant time-saving benefits, effectively reducing the time spent filling out forms by 20%. This is further amplified by reduced time spent determining Work Order status, allowing additional daily inspections. Our configurable and dynamic forms also have other features to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety, such as real-time OQ verification with leading OQ providers, smart validations, findings / stop work notifications, follow-up workflow and reporting, inspection scoring, and dashboards. With these tools, inspectors can more effectively manage their workload, streamline data collection and management, and use real-time insights to view critical information and make quick data-driven decisions.

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Utility Construction Management

DCM - The Ultimate Solution

Looking to streamline utility construction management, increase productivity, digitize workflows, and enhance safety? DCM is the ultimate solution!

Data Sources

Connect diverse systems for a complete view of construction projects


Optimize utility construction with enhanced coordination and efficiency


Make data-driven decisions optimizing financial and resource allocation

Promote Operational Governance

Enhanced data management with compliance-driven validations and streamlined workflows


Back-Office and field users use real-time data-sharing to stay in sync
Field Inspectors

Cut Inspection Time in Half

Inspectors often spend significant time determining which construction sites to visit due to a need for more visibility into construction activity. This travel can be both considerable and burdensome. Inspectors using paper forms with minimal data and guidelines often lead to duplicative work and an inability to identify when and where higher-risk jobs occur. As a result, quality programs need additional resources to help achieve the desired coverage for increasing projects.

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Inspection Software

Valuable Insights at Your Fingertips

Locuview offers defined workflows for contributing to a utilities robust and effective Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS.) Our digital forms allow inspectors to associate their results directly with the data already collected during construction, with the ability to attach forms to specific assets. This data can be better utilized to generate key metrics and provide management insights into contractor performance, trends, and progress toward risk-based quotas.

With the ability to perform some inspections remotely, our system offers inspectors complete visibility into construction work, contractor activity, and pertinent job details to maximize their impact. The forms are supplemented with informational text, pictures, and guidelines to help inspectors follow standards and improve accuracy.

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