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At Locusview, we help utilities control and optimize their capital projects while preparing for the coming challenges of building smarter infrastructure. This is why we built the world’s best Digital Construction Management (DCM) platform that helps energy utilities and telecom companies manage large scale construction projects from Planning to Execution and Close-Out.

Implementing disruptive technologies requires a deep understanding of complex processes and a “do-what-ever-it-takes” commitment to customer success; both strongly embedded in our DNA. Over the years, we have orchestrated large-scale implementations with the leading global utilities, helping them digitalize the construction of capital projects from end to end.

Together with our clients, we are productizing industry best practices allowing all of our users to leverage the successes and lessons learned from our growing network of users. We truly believe that change starts from the end-user, this is why we have decoupled the user experience from the underlying technology. This is also what gives us our innovative edge – we stay ahead of the game and bring new ideas to the table, with bold thinking that re-imagines construction operations.


To provide a single digital construction platform for capital projects, driven by actual real-time data. We offer solutions that unite people and streamline workflows, enabling operational excellence at all stages of long-cycle work, from planning to execution and close-out.


To enable infrastructure organizations to scale construction execution and optimize their capital investments.


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